Dave Dalone replaces Eric Rivers

Dave Dalone replaces Eric Rivers.


Ladies and gentlemen. In case you missed it. Please give a big welcome to our “new” guitar player Dave Dalone.

Dave has since the beginning been a huge part of the sound our fans have come to love. With his guitar skills extra ordinaire, combined with excellent songwriting skills, Dave really does not need an introduction. We could not be happier to announce that Dave Dalone is returning to H.E.A.T.

“As soon as Rivers had unfortunately decided to leave, the first name that really came up for the job was Dave. He was there from the beginning and has gone through every success, development and hard work together with us. He really knows what it takes to be the guitar player for H.E.A.T and we’re confident he will once again do a great job taking this ship forward.” – Jimmy Jay

“I’m back in the god damn groove!” – Dave Dalone.


  1. Congratulations!
    Hope to hear both, Dave and Eric someday again…

  2. I miss the new release of you! You are the best hard rock band in the world! I can not get enough of listening to your songs, you are amazing musicians. Welcome back Dave Dalone and hope Eric Rivers returns to add on the guitars … greetings from Brazil!

  3. I’m so worry with the sound of band. I don’t want you record a modern sound. We want 80’s style! Debut and Adress The Nation is perfect! Plz, copy it! Keep it up the classic sound!


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